Text Message Marketing

$100.00 / month

Not only does this system manage your reviews for you, you will receive the customers’ phone numbers and email addresses for future marketing! Building a marketing email list is tough, but getting your customers’ phone numbers is like pulling teeth. With this system, they give them to you!

So lets recap:
When your customers text the keyword, it’s much more likely they’ll visit your business again now that they have a discount!
If they had a good experience, they’re much more likely to review your business when all they have to do is click a link.
If they had a a bad experience, their feedback will be sent directly to you so you can respond immediately – and it will be kept off the internet.
you will receive your customers’ email address and phone numbers – building your marketing list incredibly fast!
This system is fully customizable with images, logos, and the text of the messages. We can even use smart coupon images directly in the texts!



The way it works is simple. Whenever you have a customer, just hand them one of the business cards we provide for you. On this business card, it will prompt the customer to text a keyword to receive a discount off their next purchase at your business.

After they text the keyword, your customer will receive another text asking if they had a good experience.

If they text YES, the customer will get a link to your facebook, yelp, or google business page to leave a review.

If the customer texts NO, they will be sent a link to a special form where they can provide valuable feedback directly to you – and keep it out of the public eye!


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