About Athena Content Creation

Athena all started with an idea – small businesses want and need the same type of fresh content as big corporate entities, but have nowhere near the budget for it! For example, to have a great mix of content, you would need:

A graphic design department – Someone to design infographics, banner ads, online ads, AND print media. If you’re lucky, you might only have to hire one person, but at a high cost.

A video production department – short, interesting, well produced and edited videos are all the rage right now. Unfortunately, to get good quality, you need at least a director, cinematographer, and an editor.

A photography department – whether you are selling products or services, high quality, thoughtful photos are absolutely necessary to your brand. Proper editing is a must, as well.

Copywriters – new content is what keeps your website high in the search rankings, but it can be hard to find employees who are not only extremely well written, but who also know what the search engines want to see to boost your rankings. This is compounded by the fact that search engine algorithms are always changing, making ongoing education ever more important.

A marketing department – People who help you form a cohesive brand, and decide which platforms are best to showcase all your content, and then make it happen by posting or adding it at the most opportune times.

So, to get the kind of awesome content the big brands put out, you’re looking at hiring a minimum of 7-8 people, all highly educated or trained, for an average of 40,000 per year plus benefits each. So you know, over $300,000 per year.

The reality is that small businesses just don’t have anywhere near that budget! (If they did, I think it’s safe to say they aren’t really a small business.) Also, in general, small businesses don’t need to produce quite so much content – they may only need to post a video a week, or on social media a few times a day instead of all day long. But then you are left with another quandary – how do you find someone highly educated and trained that will work part time?

That’s where Athena Content Creation comes in – We take care of it all. Your graphic design, photo & video production, copy writing and editing, etc. – all usually for less than a part-time minimum wage employee.