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It’s not only about what types of content you post, according to a recent study by Sprout Social.

They studied 289,000 public social media profiles and surveyed more than 1,000 consumers and found that nearly half of respondents (48%) want to purchase from brands that are responsive to their customers on social media. This supports the basic premise of social media marketing: It’s about the conversations you have with your audience. Furthermore, 36% of respondents say that when a brand is humorous, they’re more likely to buy from them.


We at Athena Content Creation specialize in photography for business.

We have extensive experience photographing commercial spaces including everything from gigantic banquet halls, to busy restaurants, to real estate for sale.

We also have the equipment and experience to specialize in food and product photography.

But as always, the best part about us is that we are fast! We will come into to your business and provide you with a great mix of photos perfect for print or digital marketing in the same amount of time it takes everyone else to set up. The reason we can provide fast quality photography is simple – we have the right equipment equipment that is tailor made to each situation, and we plan everything thing in advance. Everything we use it extremely portable and ready to deploy with very little notice. Have a new special for your restaurant? We’ll come out and get some amazing shots, and edit them so they are available the same day! Is your company putting on an event? Call us, and we’ll get you the pictures ready for your social media right away!

Take a look at our portfolio for examples.

Social Video

Social videos are designed and produced to bring in new followers to your company or brand. They are usually very short, high quality, and are as interesting to watch with no sound as they are with sound. In general, Social videos do not advertise your products or services.

The magic of social videos is that they make your potential customers feel like they are a part of your business. These usually fun, quirky videos show up on their various social media sites, and instead of being irritated by yet another advertisement, they get to laugh, or feel emotional, or even learn a new recipe. More often than not, they’ll watch the whole video – unlike an advertisement that they just scroll past.
In short, social videos are a great way to engage customers and foster loyalty to your brand.

Content Creation & Curation

A major thing that many Toledo local businesses overlook is just how important new content is.

Ideally, there should be new content on a website twice a week, 1 new Facebook post, 3 twitter posts, 1-2 Pinterest posts, and 2-3 Instagram posts. That’s about 10 things a day, that all need to be engaging and relevant to your brand. Even if only half of those are new content, that’s still 25 new pictures/videos/blog posts/articles per week, or 100 per month. Don’t forget – it also needs to be professional and polished – no grainy iPhone videos or poor grammar; the internet will absolutely notice.

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